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Whether its a commercial, retail, residential or hospitality space, we approach our interior projects in the same creative and collaborative 

manner. From initial lighting concepts to project completion, we work closely with our clients and other members of the project team to ensure that the lighting scheme's aesthetic, technical and operational requirements are cohesively designed. 


Through our use of light we look to enhance exterior spaces, places and experiences. From highlighting architectural features on exterior building facades to providing 

functional and decorative lighting 

to landscapes, public realm and site masterplans, we look holistically at all the exterior elements within a site to offer the best lighting solutions.


From artificial lighting impact assessments for planning purposes to interior daylight studies, we offer a wide range of artificial and daylight analysis works.

We also undertake day & sunlight analysis for large sites, helping to advise developers and architects on the positioning of building massing in and effort to maximise natural and sunlight opportunities within a new development.

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