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The Raindrop Garden

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Phase 2 of the Mirror Lake, Shaoxing development, which includes a new sales centre building with internal contemplation courtyard - 'The Raindrop Garden' - has recently been completed and is now open.

Lightivity assisted with the external landscape and bespoke Raindrop Garden lighting design to this beautifully conceived project designed by rising landscape designers LANDmark Studio.

The courtyard was designed by LANDmark Studio to create a quiet and contemplative space for potential investors to enjoy a tea or coffee whilst exploring the marketing suite.

Guests are invited to sit on the warping timber bench and relax amongst the bamboo grove and 100 bespoke 'Raindrop' lights which are suspended above.

The courtyard not only provides a sheltered space for visitors, it also forms a visual backdrop which can be viewed through the transparent facade adjacent to the space.

All images by LANDmark Studio.

For further details on this project, please check out our project case study page:

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