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Is your lighting Instagram ready?

Updated: May 9

As lighting designers, we are facing a growing challenge from our clients to develop and create lighting schemes that provide wonder and an immersive experience....a unique 'wow factor' that can be photo snapped and uploaded instantly to your social media account.

(Let's face it, we know you all do it!).

We have a lot of experience in designing and developing unique, bespoke lighting installations. They can add value to a company's visual brand, become synonymous with a space or just provide a stunning back drop so selfies can be taken. It all adds up to one enhances the users experience of a space.

Good lighting design will always provide an impact, or create a lasting memory when visiting a space or place. By thinking outside the box, bespoke lighting solutions can be used to enhance an environment, bring in immediate footfall to a retail store or create a unique feature in a cafe or restaurant. These visually stimulating spaces are constantly being photographed on smart phones and are being shared globally, spreading the word and providing the space with free marketing and brand enhancement.

Bespoke lighting can transform your space and help provide a strong/unique visual identity. So when your next project comes along, have a think of how lighting could take your space or place to the 'next level' and get yourself 'Insta ready'. Then get in touch with us to see how we can help you realise your vision.


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