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The lighting design for the World of Duty Free store at Heathrow Terminal 5 was located over two levels of ‘Grand View Central’, a dedicated retail island located in the centre of the terminal.

The store design by JHP has a clean and simple architectural feel with retail areas including beauty, food, luxury, liqueur and tobacco products located on the departure level and sunglasses, watches and jewellery on the check-in level. 

The ceiling design concept was developed around the smoke extract requirements. A solid ceiling vision was created using aerofoil rafts with fluorescent lighting indirectly illuminating the wings. This achieved two important elements: a vision of higher perceived light levels thus reducing the direct light component and and providing a beautiful calmness unusual in airport retail environments encouraging browsing and increased foot fall.
Prototypes of these rafts were built and tested to ensure the intensity and quality of light required was achieved. In between the rafts suspended bespoke profiles were designed to accommodate accent lighting and other services including sound. The co-ordination of all the services was crucial to ensure a quality and ordered design.
Surrounding perimeter areas have plaster board ceilings using recessed wall washers and accent gimbals. 

The central area on the lower ground level is dramatically illuminated using LED profiles with cool white LEDs back illuminating bands of yellow glass ceiling panels using mirrors to reflect the light. The floors and adjacent ceiling areas are black which creates a dramatic contrast to the internally illuminated plinths below.

Designed for Light Tecnica.

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