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As part of the general plan for overall improvements to Harrods London, the project design team were asked to look at redesigning the Fine Jewellery Hall, which had, over a period of time, become lacklustre and too ‘tired’ looking to represent the quality of the product available.

The main spacial concept was to form a rectangular central landscape of curved illuminated counters with translucent areas for privacy, using a back lit onyx wall in combination with large glass vitrines.

The hall was connected to the rest of the store floor by black glass ‘tunnels’ which were subtly illuminated with inground LED fittings, thus serving to dramatise somewhat the sense of entry into the space.

The overall lighting scheme was designed to help convey an overall monochromatic feeling within the hall where the individual brands have an important role and that the products sparkle, so as to speak for themselves.

Designed for Light Tecnica.

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